from Sayyidina Abu Bakr Siddique (Raziallaahu 'Anhu)n

(1) Beware of the false prophets - impostors and pretenders - who come to you in the garb of sheep; but in actual fact they are wolves in sheep's clothing. If you were to see through their cunning and craft you will soon find them out in their true colours. Can they bring forth grapes from dry bushes or figs from thorny brambles?

(2) The 'Ulama (learned divines) who go after the rich are the enemies of Allaah, and those amongst the rich who seek the company of the 'Ulama are the friends of Allaah.

(3) Do to others as you wish to be done by - for such has been the teaching of all the Apostles of Allaah; be sure there is no better means to earn the pleasure of Allaah.

(4) It suffices a Muslim to have such knowledge as makes him fear Allaah.

(5) Knowledge is the heritage of Apostles of Allaah, as worldly treasures are that of the non-believers, Pharoah, Qaroon and the like.

(6) Cognition without corresponding action is barren and unfaithful, and performance without perception is defective and deficient.

(7) The glittering gold and the dazzling saffron have laid fatal spells for womenfolk.

From Sayyidina 'Umer Farooq (Raziallaahu 'Anhu)

(1) One who guards his secrets, keeps his independence.

(2) One who keeps me informed of my short-comings is dearly loved of me.

(3) Money does and will raise its head.

(4) It is much easier to refrain from sins than to suffer the pangs of conscience and the rigours of penitence.

(5) If I were to die in harness, it would be far better than to die a Ghazi (fighter of faith).

(6) Do not trust a man for his piety until he has been tried in temptations.

(7) As and when you find an 'Alim (a learned divine) inclined in favour of the world, take it that he is wanting
      in faith.






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