(For 1st installment please see Yaqeen of 7th July '73)

Last time we had given the substance, with brief elucidation, of the first five of the fifty sentences comprising the Holy Prophet's Sermon at Tabrouk. The Sermon was delivered before thirty thousand companions of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) and is regarded as a masterpiece of eloquence and a treasure house of wisdom. As we said earlier it is well-nigh impossible to capture and convey the beauty of the original text, that is, the actual words from the lips of the Holy Prophet, but we do not at the same time like to keep away the contents of the Sermon from the readers. We shall, therefore, try, to present the substance of what the Holy Prophet had said, as best as we can. The Holy Prophet said -

            (1) "The best of deeds are those which display faith and determination."

Elucidation: In his own inimitable manner, the Holy Prophet has commended the quality of human actions and conduct which are born out of a resolute will and display spiritual strength and stamina. It is an excellent advice for character building and for enhancement of one's prestige. One may thus hope that men of strong spirits and firm determination will lay the foundation of a sound society, and that is the sum total of human civilisation.

            (2) The worst of actions are those which deviate from the path of the Prophet.

Elucidation: Here the important point to remember is that no one is to interfere with the most pious of intentions. If the tendency were not guarded against, it could open the flood gates of innovations and change the face of religion beyond recognition as has been the case with Christianity. One has, therefore to scrupulously adhere to the precepts and practices of the Holy Prophet.

            (3) The best of conduct is that of the Prophets of Allaah.

Elucidation: The Prophets of Allaah are the men chosen by Him for the important mission of carrying and conveying His Message to the people. They are men of exemplary conduct in every way. To follow them would be to achieve sure success with perfect safety. Hence they are the best of presenters and deserve to be followed.

            (4) The best of ends is that of a martyr.

Elucidation: The finest sacrifice is sacrifice of self in the way of Allaah. The Prophet's words inspire men to make the supreme sacrifice and attain eternal salvation in the most honourable way. These words of the Holy Prophet make them bold to face the greatest of trials. In one short sentence the Prophet has urged his followers to perform feats of highest valour for a noble cause. Man is mortal and Death is inevitable. Hence man should make the most of his life.

            (5) The worst of misfortunes to befall a person is to lose Faith after having possessed it.

Elucidation: There could not be no greater tragedy for a person than his losing his way to spiritual success and satisfaction and to succumb to his mundane desires. A life of virtue and righteousness is the ideal for man and that of sin and disobedience - a tragedy. A wrong choice in this matter is lamentable as he would give up something good for something utterly useless.

In five short and simple sentences mentioned above, the Holy Prophet has poured out his love and solicitude for his fellowmen and has tried to persuade them to keep to the right path and to follow it. May Allaah guide us all. Ameen!

Continuation from:- The Sermon Of Tabrouk - I





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