The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam)
assured all those of glad tidings:-

            1. Whose earnings are from the legitimate and rightful means,

            2. Whose morals are good,

            3. Whose innermost inclinations (intentions) are good,

            4. Who expend their savings in the way of Allaah,

            5. Who do not talk loose,

            6. Who do not give trouble to their fellow beings, and

            7. Who do not put themselves before others, that is, are quite
                impartial in their dealings.

The Holy Prophet said that the persons nearest to him on the Day of Resurrection
will be those who are the most:-

            1. Truthful in speech,

            2. Prompt and reliable in discharging their trust,

            3. Mindful of their pledge,

            4. Pleasing of manners, and

            5. Friendly towards the people.


The Holy Prophet said believers are those:-

            1. Whose knowledge is blended with forbearance and benevolence,

            2. Whose speech is simple and straight and no boastful or bombastic.

            3. Who keep silent to avoid mischief,

            4. Who seek company only for learning good manners and morals and not
                for fun and frolic,

            5. Whose actions are not for show, but for the pleasure of Allaah,

            6. Who do not feel ashamed of supporting the right cause do not give it up
                for fear of ridicule or adverse comments, and

            7. Who seek forgiveness of Allaah for their faults unknown to others.

The Holy Prophet said that the Mercy of Allaah would continue to encompass
and encircle the people so long as they:-

            1. Treat each other with love and affection,

            2. Discharge their trust faithfully, and

            3. Follow the truth.

The Holy Prophet observed that there are three things in respect of which
there could be no relaxation:-

            1. Kind treatment towards one's parents, irrespective of the fact whether
                they are on the right or in the wrong.

            2. Fulfillment of one's promise irrespective of the fact whether it is in
                favour of the pious or the wrong doers, and

            3. Discharging one's duty irrespective of the fact whether it concerns a
                good or a bad person.






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