To achieve perfection of Salaat it is necessary for one to create the habit of meditating upon death, and meditating on meeting with Allaah. This meditation should be maintained even in the very act of Salaat. The method of attaining this meditation in Salaat is to reflect on the form of the Salaat. Think of it in this manner that in Salaat one is standing with folding hands; and cannot speak with any one nor can he/she look towards anyone. One neither can eat nor drink. The reason for total and complete diversion from the world is because one is standing in the Court of Allaah, requesting petitioning and appealing unto Him.

            In the position of Qiyaam (standing posture) think that Allaah's bounties and favours are innumerable and offering of Shukr (thanks) for these is an obligatory responsibility upon the recipient.

            Whilst reciting Surah Fatiha (the opening chapter) think of offering thanks to Allaah for His bounties; acknowledging Him to be the Creator and Sustainer; acknowledging one's servitude to Him. Later on one makes the Du'aa by reciting another Surah or verses from Qur'aan Majeed to be able to remain steadfast on the Path of Servitude to Allaah; and voicing disgust and displeasure at the ways of those who have been cursed and are fit for the Wrath of Allaah; and that one is making a pledge to remain ever steadfast on the Straight Path revealed by Allaah to His servants.

            When going into Ruku (bowing down) think of having been created out of the very dust and sand whereupon one is standing. Think that it is only within the Power of the Almighty Creator to create a being with life, sight and hearing from the dead crust of this earth. Think that nothing but the act of worship is befitting a being who has thus been crated and the qualities of Greatness and Majesty are befitting only to the Almighty Creator Who is free from all defects. This is the very reason why time and again Allahu Akbar is uttered in Salaat - signifying thereby:

            "O Allaah! We have sacrificed our assumed greatness and dignity at the altar of  
             Your Splendour and Majesty."

            "While going into Sujood (prostration) think that one day one will be deposited into the bowels of the earth and at that time, besides Allaah, there will be no helper for him/her and all signs of his/her will be obliterated from the earth.

            When in the second Sujood think that one is already dead and has met Allaah. And besides Allaah, there is none to look after him.

            During the Jalsa (sitting for Tashah-hud) think that after death there will be another existence (resurrection) wherein only Iman, good deeds and good words will be of any avail. Think that in that life the dignity of the respect for our Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), all Ambiya, (Messengers), Malaa-ikah (angels) and all pious servants of Allaah will be made known, and that they will intercede on behalf of the sinners, hence, salaams should be offered to them thus establishing relationship with them.

            In the end of the last Raka'at (division of Salaat): think sending special salaams to the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) because his attachment and concentration with his Ummah is the greatest.

            When this concept has become firm in one's mind them whilst still in the position of Jalsa visualize the Plans of Qiyamah, where all deeds, actions and words are being presented and weighed. Imagine Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), as well as the other Ambiya, the pious people and the angels are present in the Court of Allaah and one is offering Darood and Salaams to them all, and finally one makes the appeal for success and salvation.

            By performing Salaat in this manner you will acquire tranquility of mind and humility of heart, and all stray thoughts will get banished.

(Courtesy: Yaqeen International)






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