By Dr. Fazl-ur Rahman Ansari (R.A.)

       To understand whether ta'wiz is Islamic or not, and whether it has any power or influence, you need to perform the exercise given to the Sufi novice which is to keep a large mirror in front of you, and read certain 'Asma (names) of Allaah (S.W.T.).with your gaze fixed on your face. After a period of time, your image on the mirror will split into numberless copies. In these copies you will find five divisions, which demonstrate that the human personality is composed of five shells: the bodily shell, the electronic shell, the psychical shell, the astro-psychical shell, the astral shell and then the soul. The soul appears as a centre of light in intense motion, around which are five shells.

       The physical cell is governed by bodily things; if it is sick, you use herbs or medicines to treat it. If the electronic shell is sick, electronised medicines are administered. The psychical shell applies to the mind alone, which is the key to treating the psyche, which in turn is the cure for even physical ailments.

       Then there is the psycho-astral shell, which is governed by certain symbols. Certain symbols, such as the talisman, five-pointed star or a letter waw, etc. They are used to influence the human personality at the psycho-astral shell.

       The fifth shell - the astral shell - is governed by numbers only. If you know how to employ numbers, which have certain qualities, you can influence the astral shield. Shaikh Ibn al-'Arabi has given value to numbers, and Arabic letters. With the science of numbers which originated by Muslims, hidden things can be predicted accurately and the relationship between numbers, time, day, etc can be determined.

       The science of ta'wiz has been developed since the early period of Islam and it is always based on a verse from the Holy Qur'aan or some prayer. For example, "Rabbana hablana min ladunka rahma", which is a prayer for divine Mercy and its numerical value is calculated according to the Abjad system. That whole number is then divided into 16, 10 or 8 or 5. The numbers are written in a special form or formula and given to a person and it works. Numbers govern the astral shell of the human personality.

       Similarly in the field of physical science, numbers are tangible. We have heard of voice activation - switching something on or off by means of your voice or sound. These mysteries are disclosing themselves. Another example is the Telstar satellite system where you can communicate with one another all over the world. Perhaps in five years' time a system will develop where the picture of the person you are talking to appears on the screen before you. The computer, a wonder of the modern age, is actually a play of numbers.

       A person who knows the science of ta'wiz may use it, but most people who write out ta'wiz know nothing about it, and do it with the wrong motive. Some may do it to establish themselves as Shaikhs of a tariqah or to make money. Such impure motives will render the ta'wiz valueless.

       Ta'wiz is a science handed down from teacher to student; and only to those students whom the teacher has confidence and trust in.

       An effective ta'wiz is one that is written by an authentic Shaikh and done only for the sake of Allah (S.W.T.). Whosoever who has any ulterior motive, is not a man of true talismanic science.






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