His Names and Titles as in the Qur'aan Majeed

By Abu Ammaar

Fourteen centuries have gone by since the advent of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.); and Muslims and non-Muslims continue to write about his life and his message. The former out of love and gratitude, the latter out of curiosity and apathy born of mis-teaching. It is however the duty of Muslims to write more and more to bring home the truth and to dispel the apprehensions. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) has as many charms as one can possibly wish to see in one's ideal, short of Allaah. He is and can be the ideal of everyone provided we do our duty by him. We have only to portray his charming personality as seen through his words and deeds. These will show how fatherly, brotherly, friendly and neighbourly he was to those who were known to him; and how benign, benevolent and tolerant he was towards the stranger. He was generous to the poor, merciful to the oppressed.

He held out his guardian hand of friendship and wore a smile on his face to win over friends and disarm his adversaries. He was free and easy with all. There was comfort in his presence and life in his message. There was the making of the whole of mankind in him. He befriended all and bereft none. He entered into the feelings of others to do justice to them. Every moment of his life was noble. In short, he was God's Love and His Grace. We can do no better than quote God's own praises for him and for his beautiful manners that lend grace to all those who follow him faithfully. Here are, first, his Names and titles as given in the Qur'aan (the No. of Qur'aanic chapter and verse is noted against each).

'ABD (Servant) - 2:23

Al-AMIIN (The Trustworthy) - 21:107

AHMED (The more laudable; the more commendable) - 81:6

BASHAR (Man; human being) - 17:93

BASHEER (Bringer of glad tidings; herald) - 2:119

DA'IYAN IL-AL-LAAH (One who calls people to Allaah) - 33:46

KHAATAM-AN NABIY-YEEN (The Seal of the Prophets - the last of them) - 33:40

MUBASH-SHIR (Messenger of glad tidings) - 17:105

MUDASSIR (One wrapped up in mantle) - 74:1

MUHAMMAD (The Praised One) - 3:14, 33:40, 47:2 & 48:29

MUNAADI (One who calls; proclaims) - 3:193

MUNZIR (Warner; herald) - 13:7

MUZAMMIL (Properly dressed for prayer; one renouncing vanities of this world) - 73: 1

NABI (Prophet; Apostle) - 3:68

NAZIR (Warner) - 2:119

NOOR (Light) - 5:17

RAHMAT (Mercy) - 9:61

RAHMATUL-LIL 'AALAMEEN (Mercy for the worlds) - 21:107

RASOOL (Apostle) - 2:101

SHAAHID (A Witness) - 33:45

SAHIB (Companion) - 7:184

SIRAAJAM-MUNEERA (Lamp spreading light) - 33:46

TAA-HAA (A mystic title of the Holy Prophet) - 20:1

UMMI (Untaught by man) - 7:157

YAASIIN (A Mystic title of the Holy Prophet) - 36:1

(Courtesy : Yaqeen International)






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