The Holy Prophet (Salallaahu alaihi wasallam) once paid a visit to a place where a group of Muhajreen (immigrants into Medina) had gathered. Addressing them he said:

"O ye gathering of Muhajreen, I pray for you to Allaah the Almighty that you may not fall for five things, that is the Almighty may protect you against them. Remember always that when a people become used to:-

1. A life of profanity, lust and nudity: they fall a prey to abominable epidemics, and unheard of and unknown diseases.

2. Dishonest practices concerning weights and measures: they are subjected to famine, hard and tedious labour and tortuous treatment by tyrant rulers.

3. Withholding of Zakaat: they are denied the blessings of rain. Had there been no cattle and animal in the world, such people would have clamoured even for a drop of water.

4. Breaking their solemn covenants and pledges with Allaah and His Messenger: they are made slaves of their enemies who deprive them of all their possessions.

5. Turning their backs to the commands of Allaah and refusing to settle their affairs according to Divine Commandments: they are subjected to dissention, discord and disunity."

(The End)





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