It was in the 24th year of Hijrah, that the following words of caution and advice flowed from the pen of Hazrat 'Usman al-Ghani, the third of the blessed Caliphs of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), when he addressed letters to the different categories of his officials all over the vast territories of the glorious Caliphate stretched out far and wide both in the east and the west. Just imagine what a remarkable foresight and extraordinary insight into the characteristic human faults and failures Hazrat 'Usman must have had to pinpoint the latent as well as the patent types of pitfalls which beset the path of Government functionaries. If his words of advice and admonition were to be heeded today by those who are responsible for making and enforcing the Government policies, they would solve most of their problems, dissolving the hard core of the chronic disorders which they are faced with.

After the usual preliminary prayers, in accordance with the practice of the pious, in glorification of the Almighty and for seeking blessings and salutations for the Holy Prophet (S. A.W.), Hazrat 'Usman sent the following message to his Deputies:

"Be it noted carefully that Allaah has made it a duty of all those deputed to govern the people to conduct themselves as protectors of the people and not like the cruel tax collectors. Those wielding authority amongst the Muslims should defend the masses and never should they try to defraud or deceive them. What I notice, however, is that public servants are moving away and losing sight of these high ideals of providing protection and guidance to the people and becoming more of bureaucrats. If the tendency were to continue, a time will come when the noble qualities of modesty, piety and loyalty will bid them goodbye and make an exit. Remember that the fairest approach in dealing with the public is to keep an eye on their good, that is, beware of their demands and their duties. Give the people their rights, and then demand what is due from them. Then and then alone you can proceed to overpower your enemies and get the better of them. Never should you let the standard of loyalty slip from your hands. The Almighty has evolved each and every one of His creations on a just and fair measure, and therefore only what is just and fair is acceptable to Him. So you should strive hard to come up to that standard, that is, be just and fair to others; and in return ask for justice and fair play from them. The most important of virtues is the maintenance of the inviolability of the trust reposed in you. Cultivate this virtue. Never lead the way to nor set a precedent for actions against your conscience and or in disregard to the responsibilities entrusted to you; otherwise you will be the one to be charged, fully and squarely, for the acts of omission and commission of all those who follow in your footsteps. Again I ask you to be mindful of the great virtue of fidelity and faithfulness, allegiance and loyalty. Do not commit excess against the orphans and the Zimmees (non-muslims living in a Muslim country) because if they are deprived of their just rights, the Almighty will confront you on their behalf."

In his letter addressed to the Commanders of the security forces standing guard on borders of the Caliphate, Hazrat 'Usmani al-Ghani, wrote - after the customary prayers invoking the Mercy of the Almighty and blessings and peace for the Prophet:-

"All of you should understand clearly that the enviable position you find yourself in is undoubtedly due to your scrupulous adherence and complete obedience to the teachings of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.). You owe it all to him (The Prophet). Let not, therefore, the charms and attractions of this world detract you from the path of your duty, lest the common mass of Muslims should fall into the whirlpool of innovations of heretical doctrines and actions without precedents form the Prophet. I warn you that in the years to come:-

1. The affluence and prosperity of the people will know no bounds.

2. The breed from the bondswomen would have come of age (that is to say, it will start interfering with established traditions).

3. The village clowns in Arabia and abroad would have learnt to read the Qur'aan but due to their poor understanding and limited intellect would be unable to grasp the real meanings of the Qur'aan and would accordingly try to interpret and explain the meanings of the verses of the Qur'aan in their own way.

4. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) has already indicated that there was fear of blasphemy from quarters other than Arab. When they would not follow any of the teachings, they would resort to hair splitting and vagaries of their own thoughts and ideas.

So beware and hold steadfast the standard of Islam."

(The End)





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