It is narrated in Kanzul Ummal that Hazrat Shaikh Jalaluddin Suyuti said that in a collection of Ahadis of his teacher, Shaikh Shamsuddin Ibn Al-Qummah, which was a collection of the narratives of the latter's teacher, Abu Abbas Mustaghfiri, it was found written in his own hand-writing, that he went to Misr (Egypt) to acquire knowledge from Imam Abu Hamid Al-Misri. When Mustaghfiri appeared before Imam Abu Hamid, he requested for the Hadis of Hazrat Khalid Ibn Walid. Upon this Imam Abu Hamid ordered Mustaghfiri to fast for one year. After compliance he again appeared before him. Then Imam Abu Hamid narrated the following Hadis on the authority of his teacher connected up to Hazrat Khalid Ibn Walid, He said:

A man appeared before the Prophet (blessings of Allaah and peace be on him). He said:

                   "I want to ask you about the world and the hereafter."

The Prophet answered:

                   "Ask what you like."

Man:            "O Prophet of Allaah, I like to be the most learned among the people."

Prophet:         "Fear Allaah (and carry out all His commands). You will be the most learned of all."

Man:              "I like to be the richest of the people."

Prophet:        "Be content, you will be the richest of the people."

Man:              "I want to be the best among mankind."

Prophet:         "The best among mankind is one who does good to mankind. So be beneficial to them."

Man:               "I want to be most just and equitable of the people."

Prophet:         "Like for others what you like for yourself: you will be the most equitable of the people."

Man:               "I want to be the most prominent of the people in the sight of Allaah."

Prophet:        "Remember Allaah very much, you will be the most prominent among the servants
                       of Allaah."

Man:              "I want to be the best of the devotees (of Allaah)."

Prophet:         "Worship Allaah as if you were seeing Him, because if you cannot see Him. He is
                       seeing you."

Man:               "I want that my faith becomes perfect."

Prophet:         "Improve your nature, your faith will be perfect."

Man:              "I want to be amongst those obedient to Allaah."

Prophet:         "Carry out the duties imposed by Allaah, you will become obedient (to Him)."

Man:              "I want to appear before Allaah as purified from sins."

Prophet:         "Take bath after pollution by cleaning well, you will appear before Allaah on the Day
                       of Resurrection without any sin upon your record."

Man:               "I want to be resurrected in light (not in darkness) on the day of Resurrection."

Prophet:         "Do not wrong anyone, you will be resurrected in light (not in darkness) on the Day of

Man:              "I like that my Rabb (Sustainer and Nourisher) may have mercy on me."

Prophet:        "Have mercy on yourself and on the creatures of Allaah. Allaah will have mercy on you."

Man:             "I want that my sins may be diminished."

Prophet:         "Seek forgiveness of Allaah, you sins will be diminished."

Man:              "I want to be the noblest of mankind."

Prophet:         "Never complain of Allaah before His creatures, you will be the noblest of mankind."

Man:               "I want that I may be given affluence in my livelihood."

Prophet:         "Remain clean (with ablution) always, you will be given affluence in livelihood."

Man:               "I wish to be among the friends of Allaah and His Messenger."

Prophet:         "Love everything that Allaah and His Messenger have loved and detest everything
                       that Allaah and His messenger have detested."

Man:              "I want to be secure from Allaah's wrath."

Prophet:         "Do not be angry with anyone and you will be secure from Allaah's wrath and
                       His displeasure."

Man:               "I want that my prayers may be accepted (by Allaah)."

Prophet:         "Abstain from forbidden things, your prayers will be accepted."

Man:              "I wish that Allaah may not expose me before the whole mankind (on the Day
                       of Judgment)."

Prophet:         "Protect your privy part (from forbidden use), so that you may not be disgraced before
                       the whole mankind."

Man:              "I wish that Allaah may cover my faults."

Prophet:         "Conceal the faults of your brethren, Allaah will cover your faults."

Man:               "What is that which may efface my mistakes?"

Prophet:         "Tear shedding, submission and ailments."

Man:              "Which good deed is the best in the sight of Allaah."

Prophet:       "Good disposition, humbleness, patience over trials and submission in destiny."

Man:              "Which sin is the most enormous in the sigh of Allaah?"

Prophet:        "Ill disposition and the stinginess."

Man:              "What is that which may pacify the wrath of Allaah."

Prophet:        "Secretly alms-giving and good treatment of relatives."

Man:              "What is that which may extinguish the Fire of hell (for me)?"

Prophet:         "Fast."

(The End)





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